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» Practicals of B.Ed. 2nd Year will held from 18.05.2019 to 23.05.2019 and Theory Date Sheet B.Ed.-1st Year & B.Ed.-2nd Year Exam June, 2019 is uploaded on College Website. You may get it from College URL:
» B.Ed. 1st Year Session 2016-18 Final Date Sheet (Regular & Re-appear) June- 2019 Examinations is uploaded on College Website. You may get it from College URL:
Library Rules
Library remains open on all working days from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.
Reference books, rare books and current periodicals are not issued to the students. However, they are allowed to draw and read them in the library.
Each book is issued for 7 days at a time. The date slip on the last page of the book bears a clear cut mention to this effect so that borrower knows the number of days for which the book is being issued to him/her.
Before entering the library students should make sure that they are in possession of the library-cum-identity card. Students should switch off their mobile phones while entering the library. Any student found using phone in the library will be fined Rs.50/-
The librarian can recall any book at any time, if necessary.
Books must be returned on or before the due date failing which fine will be charged for each volume kept over due in the following manner:
1-5 day Rs 2 per day
6-15 day Rs 5 per day
16-30 day Rs 10 per day
31 day-onwards day Rs 25 per day
Borrowers shall be responsible for safe custody of the books they borrow from the library. In case of any damage, the last borrower shall be held responsible for the damage done to the book and he/she will be fined and may be asked to replace the book.
Loss of the library-cum-identity card should be intimated to the librarian without any delay otherwise the student concerned shall be held responsible if any other person gets a book issued on it.
Before a student leaves, he/she will have to return all the library books with him/her in order to obtain the No Dues certificate from the library.
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