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Chairman Message

Being the harbringers of 21st century, it becomes imperative that we appreciate the rapidly changing world around us, throwing open great challenges and innumerable opportunities. Owing to Globalization, the revolutionary developments in information technology and the emergence of integrated learning approach, we are witnessing phenomenal changes in the world of Teacher Education.

The far-reaching developments in the world of education have redefined the role of the classroom manager, teacher, placing a premium on well-trained young men and women possessing superior professional skills in teaching-learning process and a zest for bringing about social transformation. We aim to give impetus to teacher education in order to meet futuristic global standards while instilling high patterns of discipline and character building, making our teacher trainees professionally competent and improving the total quality of life.

RMSCOE is now entering into its eight year and since has been persistently endeavoring to set up the finest traditions of excellence in teacher education. In our teaching faculty, everyone is an acknowledged master of ones area of subject specialization. I hope the students can reach their zenith of learning under their able guidance. I welcome all the students and wish them a successful, progressive and prosperous career in life.

Rao Narbir Singh