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Principal Message

Mahatma Gandhi had said, “Find purpose. Means will follow.” I for one have always believed that Gandhian philosophy is very relevant to the modern educational system. Education is about finding the purpose and then pursuing it with enthusiasm. Education is also about creating, sustaining and directing this enthusiasm towards a purpose.

The purpose of maintaining the high standards of professionalism, discipline and integral approach in imparting training is to refine and nurture the talents of our teacher-trainees so that they can shoulder the responsibility of providing a direction to the society.

It gives me a great sense of meaning and fulfillment in leading a group of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals committed to the mission of RMSCOE "Education with Perfection".

I whole heartedly welcome all the students to come and join hands in our efforts to build a new class of education professionals who will accelerate the growth of this new society.

Rajni Kotnala