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Psychology Lab
The psychology lab is equipped with a large number of apparatus and tests on various aspects of psychology such as a child’s socio-economic, intellectual, personality and behavior dimensions. Knowledge of these psychological aspects is imperative to understand the needs of a child-centered curriculum and modalities of its transaction.
The trainees learn various components of child psychology through various psychological tests which help to understand their students better.
Intelligence Test : Non Verbal Intelligence Test, Performance Test, Group Test, M.E.I., Koh’s Block Design.
Aptitude : Teaching Aptitude Test Battery.
Attitude : Rao’s School Attitude Inventory, Attitude Towards Educational Administrations, Teaching Profession.
Personality : Non Verbal Test, E.M.P. Inventory, Multi Dimensional Personality Inventory, Personality Need Inventory.
Creativity : Verbal Test of Creative Thinking, Mirror Drawing Box, Non Verbal Test of Creative Thinking, Passi Test of Creativity.